Drug Possession


People who are charged with drug possession usually aren't terribly surprised when they are caught. After all, when you play with fire, you often get burned. What may be surprising is the severity of the penalties if you are convicted of possession of a controlled substance or possession with the intent to distribute. Turning to an experienced drug possession defense lawyer may be your best option for putting out fires and limiting the impact on your future.

At the Law Office of Larry P. McDougal, Fort Bend County drug possession defense lawyer Larry McDougal has more than two decades of experience protecting the rights and freedom of clients accused of various drug crimes.

Larry McDougal, an experienced drug possession defense lawyer, won the President's Award from the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association in 2009. His statewide reputation is based on outstanding results for his clients and the trial skills necessary to back up a negotiating position.

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If you have been arrested on suspicion of marijuana or cocaine possession or charged with another drug offense, it may be in your best interest to contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible for a free consultation. A drug possession defense lawyer can help to ensure that all possible options for defense remain viable as your case develops.

Fighting to Reduce the Impact on Your Life

Conviction of a drug possession offense, including those involving prescription drugs, can often lead to significant jail or prison time and high fines. No matter the punishment you face, you can be left with a permanent criminal record, which may affect future living and employment options.

Mr. McDougal works to limit the impact these charges have on your life by building a strong strategy for your defense. Through careful investigation of the circumstances of your case, he may be able to:

  • Point out mistakes made by police or the prosecution
  • Push for the suppression of evidence
  • Argue that evidence against you is weak and a dismissal is in order
  • Seek a reduction in charges
  • Negotiate reduced penalties or alternatives to incarceration

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Don't let a lapse in judgment destroy your future. Our clients benefit from attorney McDougal's experience, skill with evidence and personalized approach to client service. To learn how you or a loved one can benefit from the strength of our practice in drug possession defense, contact the Law Office of Larry P. McDougal in Richmond, Texas, for a free consultation.