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An arrest for meth possession does not mean a conviction is automatic. Asserting your rights and having an attorney protecting your rights are important steps to securing a satisfactory outcome that protects your freedom and your future. Criminal convictions can lead to time in prison or a record that hampers job and educational pursuits.

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Incarceration may not be the only option. Alternatives to prison can be explored and negotiated. Larry McDougal employs effective strategies toward building your defense. Errors made by prosecutors and police officers could violate your rights, resulting in suppression of important evidence. The evidence itself may be weak enough to have drug possession charges reduced or dismissed.

In 2009, Larry McDougal was recognized by the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association with their President's Award. He is well-known throughout the state for his proven trial skills that help him establish a strong negotiating position for his clients.

Methamphetamines or crystal meth present significant problems in Texas. With the right ingredients, manufacturing meth can be accomplished easily in their home for use or sale. Like all drug-related crimes, the courts have taken a hard stance on the use, resulting in catastrophic, life-changing consequences for convictions.

Felony criminal charges for meth possession are based on the amount. Prison sentences range from up to two to 99 years. Fines could be as low as $10,000 and has high as $100,000.

The stakes are high in cases involving methamphetamine possession or drug manufacturing. Immediate legal representation is paramount before speaking to police officers and prosecutors. Assert your rights, starting with the right to remain silent. Do not talk to anyone before contacting an experienced lawyer at the Law Office of Larry P. McDougal.

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