Richmond Murder Defense Attorneys


With the possibility of many years in prison, charges of murder or manslaughter require a skilled and vigorous defense. You need the counsel of an experienced attorney who has taken these cases to trial and who can negotiate effectively on your behalf.

Richmond attorney Larry McDougal has handled murder cases on both sides of the law, as a former prosecutor and as a criminal defense lawyer for more than 28 years. The legal team at the Law Office of Larry P. McDougal is committed to protecting your rights and your freedom. We practice almost exclusively in Fort Bend County, Texas, so you are represented by a veteran trial lawyer who is very familiar with the local criminal justice system.

Fort Bend County Law Firm For Manslaughter And Homicide Charges

Larry P. McDougal has handled all types of non-capital fatality cases, from intentional conduct to criminal negligence:

  • First-degree murder (intentional killing)
  • Felony murder (death during the commission of another crime)
  • Second-degree murder (heat of passion)
  • Vehicular homicide (drunk driving or other recklessness resulting in death)
  • Manslaughter (unintentional death)

We have taken murder cases to trial and we prepare from the beginning for the possibility of trying the case before a jury. When we are involved early, however, we can sometimes avoid an indictment or persuade the prosecutor to file more appropriate charges. A reduction of charges could cut the potential prison term substantially and provide additional options for resolving the case.

We also review every facet of the prosecution's evidence for opportunities to dismiss the charges or suppress evidence. Our goal is to position clients for the best possible outcome, advocating for them in motions, hearings, plea agreements, trial and sentencing.

Larry McDougal's background as a former law enforcement officer, prosecutor and municipal court judge provides a key advantage to clients who are on trial for their life. He know how to unravel the state's case — from forensics and physical evidence to motive, witness testimony and circumstantial evidence — to create reasonable doubt for a jury to acquit.

If you or a family member stand accused of homicide, contact us today to speak with the Richmond murder defense lawyers of the Law Office of Larry P. McDougal.