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At the Law Office of Larry P. McDougal, one of the more common misunderstandings among our divorce clients is the idea that the experience of family and friends on child custody matters can give them some insight as to what to expect in their own case.

Every case is different, and you can't really judge your own position as a parent on the basis of other people's experiences. To get a better idea of your rights and responsibilities on parent-child issues in divorce, contact Fort Bend County family law attorney Larry McDougal in Richmond. He also represents clients in Sugar Land, Missouri City, Rosenberg, Stafford and beyond.

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Larry McDougal will work closely with you to address any anxieties or concerns you have about the child custody process, and he'll show you that Texas law goes far to protect the integrity and stability of parent-child relationships under a wide range of circumstances.

The law presumes that a secure relationship with both parents is in the best interests of all children caught in divorce. Parents are encouraged to respect each other's parental interests while working out mutually satisfactory custody and visitation arrangements for the sake of their children.

Our law firm can give you a specific understanding of your rights and responsibilities on such issues as:

  • Joint or sole managing conservatorship (legal custody)
  • Primary physical custody
  • Parenting time for the noncustodial parent
  • Temporary custody and visitation orders while long-term agreements are negotiated
  • Mediation of child custody or visitation disputes
  • Parent education and support classes for people who need to improve parenting skills
  • Resolution of high-conflict child custody cases involving family violence, drug abuse or mental illness

In most cases, child custody issues are negotiated and settled without too much trouble. If it's necessary to take your case to court, however, we know how to develop and present the evidence that highlights your strengths as a parent clearly and persuasively.

To find out more about our approach to child custody issues in Texas divorce or paternity cases, contact the Law Office of Larry P. McDougal in Richmond.