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Modification and Enforcement of Family Court Orders

At the Law Office of Larry P. McDougal, a fair amount of our family law practice concerns the needs of people whose divorce became final years ago. They need help with the modification or enforcement of child custody arrangements, child support orders and other details that either no longer make sense under current circumstances or that went into default.

To learn how an experienced attorney can help you make sound decisions while protecting your interests in modification or enforcement matters, contact our office in Richmond. Not only do we help our clients adjust or enforce their family court rights, we help them decide whether it's worthwhile to take the matter to court in the first place.

We Advise Clients About Modification Proposals in Richmond, Sugar Land, Rosenberg and Beyond

If you're thinking about modifying your child support or child custody arrangements, we'll explain how a modification request must be based on evidence that shows a significant change in material circumstances. In other words, a 2 percent raise won't justify an increase in child support payments, but a promotion to vice president or the profitable sale of stock options just might.

The factors that will affect modification of child custody or visitation arrangements might include a change from day shift to night shift, a job transfer, a school transfer or the custodial parent's plans to relocate away from Greater Houston.

We can advise you about the chances that the changed circumstances in your case will be sufficient to support a motion for modification, and we can present evidence that supports your side of the proposal, whether you're seeking or resisting the modified order.

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On the enforcement side, most cases involve defaults in the payment of child support. Once again, we advise people on either side of this issue. If you're the parent who needs to collect back child support, we can show you the most efficient ways to do so.

If you're the parent defending an enforcement action, we work toward getting you caught up on practical and realistic terms while minimizing your exposure to contempt of court sanctions, which can include jail time and the loss of licenses.

For more information about our experience with the enforcement and modification of family law orders, discuss your situation with an experienced lawyer. Contact the Law Office of Larry P. McDougal in Richmond, Texas.