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Their hormones are raging and they believe they're in love. No school rule or parental admonition will prevent two determined teenagers from having sex. Unfortunately, under Texas law, those consensual acts may constitute a crime if one of the parties is not of age.

No matter what the circumstances, sex offenses must be taken very seriously. In addition to the possibility of Texas Youth Commission detention, a juvenile sex crime charge can result in sex offender registration and future repercussions for education and employment.

The Law Office of Larry P. McDougal represents youths charged with sex offenses in the juvenile courts of Fort Bend County, Texas, including sexual "hookups" on school grounds. Our goal is to resolve these cases without a criminal record and without the stigma and harsh punishments of felony sex crimes.

Fort Bend County Law Firm For Juvenile Sex Crimes Defense

We have represented youths charged with sexual offenses, including:

  • Rape or attempted rape
  • Statutory rape
  • "Sexting" of nude images or sexually explicit videos

Sexual assaults do happen, but the most common scenario is consensual sex between juveniles who are not the same age. Texas statute recognizes the "boyfriend exception" — if the girl is at least 14 and the boy is within three years of her age (a senior dating a freshman) there is no crime. But (a) if she is 14 and he is 18, or (b) if she is not yet 14, the boyfriend can be charged with rape.

Sexting is also prevalent among teens, who do not realize that they can be charged with the serious felony crime of possession or distribution of child pornography.

Larry McDougalis a former law enforcement officer, prosecuting attorney and municipal judge who uses his knowledge of the law and his rapport with juvenile prosecutors to dismiss or downgrade sex offenses and avoid sex offender status. If rape charges are carried forward, we will force the prosecution to prove that a crime occurred or do everything we can to limit the punishment.

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