When one hears the terms fraud or embezzlement in connection with a crime, it is likely that most people think that the accused in working in a financial business of some sort. While it is possible that fraud could occur in that setting, there are many others where it could occur as well. As the accusation against a Texas man illustrates, even when the business is a bakery.

The man, who was formerly the controller of the Collin Street Bakery chain, based in another city in Texas, was earlier this month, indicted on 10 counts of mail fraud. The indictment followed his firing from the bakery after managers at the business uncovered some fraud. He is accused of writing close to 900 fraudulent checks of over the course of approximately eight years. In total, the federal charges allege that the man too close to $17 million.

Court documents indicate that the embezzled funds were used on a variety of items including jewelry, 60 watches, luxury vehicles, 600 bottles of wine and a vacation home.

The man has pled not guilty to the charges. Accordingly, he will likely do all he can to defend himself against the charges. These charges are at a federal level and there, a conviction carries much more serious consequences than at the state level. As a result, it is vital the man in the case do everything he can to defend himself in the matter. Those who find themselves in similar situations would likely find it beneficial to work with a criminal defense lawyer.

Source: NBCDFW.com, “Texas Fruitcake Chain Controller Pleads Not Guilty to Fraud,” Sept. 19, 2013