It is of course possible that anyone who  gets behind the wheel to drive after consuming too much alcohol could find that he or she is facing a drunk driving arrest. This is true regardless of one’s occupation. Earlier this week however it was announced that one employer is doing what it can to keep those who work for it from facing any additional DWIs. That employer is the National Football League.

The NFL has reached an agreement with a transportation company to provide rides to football players in the league who have had too much to drink to make it safe for them to drive. Texas football fans likely remember the death of a practice squad player from another Texas team, due to drunk driving, late last year. Though he was not associated with the Houston Texans, his death was nonetheless widely reported and is cited as a catalyst for this new arrangement.

Under the arrangement, a player will be able to summon a ride from transportation company Uber, in cities throughout the nation via an app on their smartphone. It is hoped that the program will reduce the number of drunk driving arrests involving NFL players, as well as accidents which could result in serious injuries to those involved or even be fatal.

Though Uber, and similar businesses, are currently not allowed to operate in certain cities, including Houston, the business is hoping to change that. It is actively working to make a change to the local law prohibiting such businesses.

Source: San Francisco Gate, “Uber signs high-profile deal to offer NFL players alternative to DUI,” Sept. 4, 2013