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October 2013 Archives

Former Madoff employs select trial over plea deal

Over the course of the past few years it is likely that few have escaped from hearing some news about the Ponzi scheme Bernard Madoff admitted to running for decades. Besides Madoff’s guilty plea, multiple other individuals who worked with him also plead guilty to crimes associated with the scheme. In addition, in conjunction with the guilty plea some also testified against others. Presumably, in exchange for their testimony and plea they will receive a lighter sentence than they otherwise would have.

Cee Lo Green charged with felony drug charge

Each week many residents of Houston, Texas, likely tune in to the television show "The Voice," to watch some of their favorite performers build a team of singers hoping to make it in the business. One of those four judges is Cee Lo Green. It is likely that Green is thinking less about mentoring performers these days however, as he was recently charged with a drug felony. More specifically the quirky performer is accused of providing a woman with the drug ecstasy in the course of a dinner date. The 38-year-old was charged with furnishing a controlled substance. He pled not guilty.

Houston man accused of domestic violence a former police officer

Virtually anyone can be charged with a crime in Houston, Texas. A former Houston Police Officer facing domestic violence charges is all too aware of this. Earlier this month the 36-year-old was charged with assault of a family member. Following the arrest the man’s wife sought and obtained a protective order against him. The man is currently in jail.

Complaints lead police to arrest 2 Houston women for prostitution

Each day individuals throughout the Houston area are arrested for crimes. The arrests arise out of a variety of different circumstances and no two crimes are alike. What the cases do have in common is the option to mount a defense against the criminal charges in a court of law. Two women from Houston are experiencing this firsthand. They were both arrested and charged with prostitution. While many times prostitution arrests are the result of an organized sting, law enforcement indicated this was not the case in this situation. Instead, the arrests stemmed from complaints the police received from others who were at their same location.

Intoxication manslaughter charge for driver in fatal crash

Earlier this week a young woman's evening escalated into something she likely did not intend. The 21-year-old was behind the wheel of a vehicle that hit another car, killing one of its occupants. The car her vehicle ran into was a police car and the woman who died was in police custody for suspected public intoxication.

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