Each day individuals throughout the Houston area are arrested for crimes. The arrests arise out of a variety of different circumstances and no two crimes are alike. What the cases do have in common is the option to mount a defense against the criminal charges in a court of law. Two women from Houston are experiencing this firsthand. They were both arrested and charged with prostitution. While many times prostitution arrests are the result of an organized sting, law enforcement indicated this was not the case in this situation. Instead, the arrests stemmed from complaints the police received from others who were at their same location.

This is not the first time the women have faced criminal charges. As a result of previous convictions the younger woman’s charges were actually enhanced to a felony. At the time of her arrest the older woman had a felony warrant for organized criminal activity out. The women were at a hotel with a male friend when the arrests took place.

Previous convictions and outstanding warrants do not automatically translate into a conviction. Depending on the situation the accused could face reduced charges or even be acquitted of the crime altogether. As a part of defending oneself most engage the assistance of a lawyer. The attorney one hires can help determine which evidence will be presented at the proceeding.

How these women’s cases will be resolved remains to be seen. To obtain the best result it is highly likely that the women will work with a criminal defense criminal defense attorney. Doing so could have a huge impact on the cases’ outcome.

Source: The Houston Chronicle, “Two Houston women jailed on prostitution charges in College Station,” Carol Christian, Oct. 3, 2013