Virtually anyone can be charged with a crime in Houston, Texas. A former Houston Police Officer facing domestic violence charges is all too aware of this. Earlier this month the 36-year-old was charged with assault of a family member. Following the arrest the man’s wife sought and obtained a protective order against him. The man is currently in jail.

According to authorities the man threw the woman onto a flight of stairs. He then allegedly also impeded her breathing by squeezing her neck with his hands. The woman said she lost consciousness for a short amount of time. The reason behind the alleged attack is that he was jealous of a relationship his wife has with another man.

Under the judicial system in the United States, guilt is never presumed when it comes to criminal accusations. Instead, it is up to the prosecution to prove that the accused is in fact guilty of a crime. Because the consequences for a criminal conviction can be serious, it is important that a defense to all charges is addressed in an aggressive and thorough manner. In most cases this involves working with a criminal defense lawyer.

In this case, it is likely that the former police officer already had an attorney he was working with. This is because of other criminal activities the man allegedly took part in. He resigned from his job as a police officer after charges of tampering with government records were filed. The two counts were tied to allegations that he entered phony government documents into a state database.

Source: Houston Chronicle, “Former HPD officer accused of choking wife,” Mike Glenn, Oct. 14, 2013