Few people in the Houston area desire to be charged with a crime. This is likely particularly true when one is employed as a law enforcement officer. Despite this, last month a law enforcement officer in another Texas community found himself under arrest for a crime. The Assistant Chief was charged with assaulting a family member.

It is not clear who called the police to the officer’s home sometime after midnight. Individuals who live in the area said that there was clothing strewn on the lawn.

Upon his arrest, the man was taken to jail. There he was charged with assault with bodily injury. In addition, he has been placed on administrative leave from his job. Specifics surrounding what exactly happened are also not clear but will likely be clarified in the course of the criminal investigation. In addition, the police have launched an internal investigation.

The arrest could have a negative impact on multiple areas of the man’s life. In addition to the consequences that could arise if he is convicted of the charge, his professional life will likely be affected as well. Regardless of the outcome of the internal investigation the police department is planning on conducting, the 28 year veteran can almost surely depend on his applicant for police chief being passed over.

Working with a criminal defense attorney would likely have a positive impact on the outcome of the man’s case. Because of the man’s experience in the field of law enforcement, he is likely already aware of this and taking the necessary steps to make sure the outcome of his case is the best possible under the circumstances.

Source: KHOU, “Arlington police official arrested on family violence charge,” Nov. 17, 2013