Several Men Arrested Following Texas Grocery Store Robbery

Being convicted of robbery can result several penalties that may include jail time, probation and fines. A conviction also means a permanent criminal record, which can impact an individual’s personal and professional life in many ways. Four men now potentially face this fate. They were recently arrested and charged with robbery after an alleged heist at a Texas grocery store. Police believe that other men may have been involved and are still at large.

The Houston Police Department reported that the robbery occurred around 2:50 a.m. at a Kroger. Employees told police that five or six men stole cigarettes and other items from the store before fleeing. They were able to provide descriptions of the alleged robbers.

Shortly afterwards, officers found a man hiding in a garbage can in a residential neighborhood. He fit the description given by the employees, so police arrested him. A little while later, police found the other three accused standing next to their car. Police looked in the vehicle and found a significant number of cigarettes in addition to other items they believe were stolen from Kroger. They took the men into custody.

As with any criminal case, a lot is at stake for the accused. The outcomes of their cases may impact the rest of their lives. While the men stand accused of committing the robbery together, each of them will have to face a Texas judge as individuals. They would each do well to look for legal counsel that can work to obtain the most favorable outcome possible for them in addition to ensuring that their rights are protected.

Source: Houston Chronicle, Man in trash can among 4 arrested after Houston Kroger robbery, Dale Lezon, Nov. 21, 2013