Cee Lo Green Charged With Felony Drug Charge

Each week many residents of Houston, Texas, likely tune in to the television show “The Voice,” to watch some of their favorite performers build a team of singers hoping to make it in the business. One of those four judges is Cee Lo Green. It is likely that Green is thinking less about mentoring performers these days however, as he was recently charged with a drug felony. More specifically the quirky performer is accused of providing a woman with the drug ecstasy in the course of a dinner date. The 38-year-old was charged with furnishing a controlled substance. He pled not guilty.

As is the next step in situations where accused individuals deny the charges against them, he and his lawyer will prepare a defense. During this period of time he is free, having posted bail.

Green’s defense is important as a conviction for the drug felony could result in up to four years in prison. As is the case with anyone facing prison time, spending time behind bars has a negative impact on their lives and possibly their career as well. Having to go to prison at this point in Green’s life, with his career at what is arguably a highpoint, is clearly not a desirable outcome for him.

As this case illustrates, one does not need to be trafficking large amounts of drugs to be charged with a drug crime. Because the consequences for a drug conviction can be severe, it is important that charges of all types be taken seriously. Taking action to defend oneself against drug charges is the best way to minimize the severity of a case’s outcome.

Source: Houston Chronicle, “Cee Lo Green pleads not guilty in felony drug case,” Anthony McCartney, Oct. 21, 2013