Texas Woman Faces Animal Cruelty Charges in Death of Dog

There are many crimes that a resident of Texas could find themselves facing. Sometimes the crime, as well as the potential consequence accompanying it, is well known. Because these laws encompass a wide range of activities however, it is highly likely that the average resident of a community will not be aware of some of them. If one does not realize that there is a law against something on the books, it is impossible for them to know what they may have done wrong.

A woman from the Houston area could be in that position currently. She was recently arrested for animal cruelty. The charge came after an Animal Control Officer found the body of the woman’s dog in her car. She said she placed the animal in the car 15 hours before its remains were located. When it died it did not have either food or water.

Animal control was actually at her home because of a call she placed to the agency the day before. She said she called animal control to have them come and get the animal. The reason she had called animal control was that her pet, that she had owned since it was a puppy, was acting in a manner she described as strange. She wanted Animal Control to put the dog down.

How the woman’s criminal defense lawyer will approach this case remains to be seen. It is possible however that he or she could take the approach that it was an accident and the reason the dog was in the car was because she did not have another place to keep it. Whether this will be the case remains to be seen.

Source: KHOU, “La Porte woman arrested for animal cruelty; leaves dog in car for 15 hours,” Sept. 21, 2013