There are many things that parents worry about concerning their children as they grow up. Making sure they get enough to eat and sleep are some of the basics. According to a recent study published in the journal of Crime & Delinquency, there is something else parents need to worry about–their child being arrested before turning 23. This is particularly true if those children are boys.

According to the study black men under the age of 23 have the highest rate of arrest for a non-traffic-related crime. Close to 50 percent had been arrested at least once by that age. White men fare only a bit better at 40 percent. Females of all ethnicities were arrested at a much lower rate, registering at 20 percent or less.

The study was based on the responses of 7,000 young people surveyed by the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. The surveys occurred over the course of an 11 year period, beginning in 1997.

The issue of juvenile crime is one that deserves to be addressed. This is in large part due to the fact that criminal convictions at a young age can have a great impact on the futures of these individuals. Accomplishing things such as obtaining an education or securing a job are that much harder after one spends time in the criminal justice system. This is true regardless of one’s age.

For the best possible outcome, those facing criminal charges, or their parents, should do everything they can to protect their rights.

Source: San Francisco Gate, “Study finds high rates of arrest,” The Associated Press, Jan. 20, 2014