Over the course of the past few months several residents of Texas have been convicted of healthcare fraud. The cases involved the federal Medicare and Medicaid systems. Accordingly, the charges were all brought in federal court. While all criminal cases could result in serious consequences, this is particularly true where federal charges are concerned. In addition, federal prosecutors usually have resources at their disposal that allow them to build strong cases against the accused.

The most recent convictions occurred last week. The individuals, who were convicted of multiple counts, were a married couple. When they are sentenced, each could face 10 years in a federal prison.

The fraud the two were found guilty of committing involved billing Medicaid for items that were either never delivered or were not needed in the first place. They were also found guilty of forging delivery receipts and prescriptions.

It is of course not a foregone conclusion that individuals charged with white collar crimes such as fraud will be convicted. Because these types of cases often arise in the context of one’s job, it is possible that the illegal activities one is accused of may not have been engaged in on purpose. Where complex paperwork is involved such as when Medicare or Medicaid is involved, it is easy to see how problems might arise.

Whatever the circumstances surrounding white collar charges the best thing an accused individual can do is take steps to build a strong defense. Because of all that is potentially at stake, most do this by hiring a criminal defense lawyer.

Source: Healthcare Daily, “Arlington Couple’s Conviction Is Latest in North Texas Healthcare Fraud Trend,” Bradford Pearson, Jan. 24, 2014