Protecting your home is something that most homeowners are passionate about. When you think someone is breaking into your home, you will likely try to protect yourself, your family and your assets. For one Texas man, the desire to protect himself, his pregnant girlfriend and his home has led to a capital murder charge.

The man killed a sheriff’s deputy who was trying to serve a search warrant on a home. The man claims he was asleep and didn’t realize that it was officers who were entering his home. He said the deputies didn’t knock on his door when they arrived at 6 a.m. to serve the search warrant. His attorney states the man was only trying to defend himself and his girlfriend.

A spokeswoman for the Burleson County Sheriff’s Office says she didn’t know how or if the deputies announced their presence at the home. The search warrant was one related to drugs. Deputies found two marijuana plants and seedlings in the home that were being used for personal use. They also found guns, including the rifle used in the alleged murder. According to the suspect’s attorney, all the guns were legally owned.

The district attorney for Burleson County says the suspect is expected to be indicted within the next 90 days. He is being held in the Washington County jail.

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