A drunk driving arrest can happen to anyone who has had just a little bit too much to drink before operating a vehicle. For someone who has never faced this charge, the time following an arrest can be scary and confusing. Fears regarding having to spend time in jail may be the first thing that comes to mind. Fortunately, depending on the circumstances surrounding an arrest, it may be possible to minimize the consequences. The best chance of accomplishing this usually involves the assistance of a criminal defense lawyer.

The bassist for a popular band has likely contacted an attorney to assist with a drunk driving arrest that recently occurred in another state. The man was found in a vehicle that was stopped at an intersection. At the time he was slumped over the steering wheel and according to law enforcement agents, “showed signs of impairment.”

This is not the first time that the man has been arrested for drunk driving. Last spring he was charged with vehicular homicide after a man in another vehicle was killed allegedly as a result of actions the bassist took behind the wheel. In addition to admitting to consuming alcohol before he got behind the wheel on that occasion, he also said he took a couple types of prescription drugs. That case has not yet been resolved.

The fact that this is the second drunk driving arrest for the man within the last 12 months could have an impact on the seriousness of the consequences he could face if convicted. Because of this it is likely he is working with a criminal defense lawyer to resolve these criminal charges.

Source: CNN, “3 Doors Down bassist Todd Harrell charged with DUI,” Alan Duke, Feb. 19, 2014