This time of year it is not uncommon for residents of cold weather states to flock south to states such as Texas, to enjoy their spring break. While in many cases the exploits visitors engage in are left behind when they return home, this is not always the case–particularly where drunk driving accidents are concerned.

According to one statistic, throughout the state in 2013, the number of DUI-alcohol related fatalities that occurred, was up more than 23 percent, as compared to the previous year. This is prompting communities throughout the state, that are expecting spring breakers, to prepare, in some cases through the assistance of a program created by the Texas Department of Transportation. The theme of this year’s campaign is “DWI Hangovers Don’t Go Away.” The program’s aim is to reduce the number of drunk driving incidents that occur.

It is fair to say that none of the individuals who make their way to Texas for spring break want to either be arrested for drunk driving or cause a motor vehicle accident that leads to serious injury or even the death of others. This is because either could lead to severe consequences. For example, a drunk driving arrest may be accompanied by:

  • The derailment of a career.
  • Jail time.
  • The revocation of one’s driver’s license.
  • Social isolation. 
  • Financial penalties.

Because the penalties can be so severe, particularly for young people, it is important that those facing such charges do what they can to defend themselves. In most cases this entails working with a criminal defense lawyer.

Source: The Daily Tribune, “DWI hangovers don’t go away; Spring Break impaired driving enforcement gets underway,” March 5, 2014