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April 2014 Archives

Study finds many incarcerated youth suffer from brain injuries

Criminal charges should always be taken seriously regardless of the age of the person facing them. However, it is fair to say that juveniles finding themselves in this situation are particularly vulnerable. Depending on what crimes they are charged with, if found guilty they could find that their lives are dramatically impacted. Because of this it is vital that juveniles seek assistance from a lawyer in mounting a defense. 

Murder charges brought against 2 in death of security guard

No one wants to be charged with a crime. The ramifications for being found guilty can be serious depending on the charges one faces. This is particularly true when someone is accused of doing something that leads to the death of another person. The penalties tied to a conviction for such a charge include lengthy prison stays. In Texas, the death penalty may also be sought.

Houston area man charged in connection with 2 incidents at winery

A local restaurateur is facing criminal charges associated with two arrests in the course of several days. Both arrests are in connection with incidents that allegedly occurred at the Duchman Family Winery which he once owned with another individual. In total, as a result of the two arrests, the man has posted $20,000 bond.

Houston man arrested following undercover investigation

Each day residents of Houston, Texas, are arrested and charged with crimes. Depending on what it is the person is being accused of the penalties for a conviction will vary. In some cases they can be very severe. This is particularly true when one is facing a federal charge. A man who lives in the area is facing that reality now. He was recently charged with several crimes including interfering with commerce by threats of violence and illegal possession of explosive materials. 

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