A local restaurateur is facing criminal charges associated with two arrests in the course of several days. Both arrests are in connection with incidents that allegedly occurred at the Duchman Family Winery which he once owned with another individual. In total, as a result of the two arrests, the man has posted $20,000 bond.

The first arrest occurred after the 61-year-old man was accused of taking a bottle of wine from the winery. The second incident was apparently tied to that first incident. According to someone from the winery, several days later the man returned and inflicted damage to a vehicle that belonged to one of the winery’s employees. In the course of slashing the tires and breaking the windows the man allegedly used a knife and hammer. After damaging a sign and threatening an employee he left the premises. The second arrest occurred when he later returned to the winery.

As a result of the two incident s the man faces the following charges:

  • Burglary
  • Assault with a deadly weapon
  • Criminal mischief

The reason behind the two Houston area incidents is not entirely clear though a Duchman representative said that the man has a history of harassing individuals who work at the winery.

Whatever the reason for the man’s visits to the winery, he now needs to focus on building a defense against the charges he faces. If convicted of the crimes he could face serious consequences including the loss of liberty for a period of time and fines. In addition, a criminal record could hamper things the man wants to do in the future. Because of the seriousness tied to these charges it is likely he has already contacted a criminal defense lawyer to work on his case.

Source: KHOU, “Damian Mandola arrested again after allegedly slashing tires, smashing window,” April 7, 2014