Each day residents of Houston, Texas, are arrested and charged with crimes. Depending on what it is the person is being accused of the penalties for a conviction will vary. In some cases they can be very severe. This is particularly true when one is facing a federal charge. A man who lives in the area is facing that reality now. He was recently charged with several crimes including interfering with commerce by threats of violence and illegal possession of explosive materials. 

The arrest was the result of an investigation that federal agents had been conducting for at least eight months. That investigation involved undercover agents and the Internet. The Assistant U.S. Attorney indicates that the man used another name to create a Facebook page where he shared his thoughts regarding his movement, the “American Insurgent Movement.” He was allegedly trying to use that page as a recruitment tool.

According to authorities, the man was arrested on the way to an attack. They said he was going to rob an armored car. Though authorities indicate that he was trying to recruit more members to his movement, at this point it in unclear whether other than the undercover agents, the 42-year-old man was working alone or had successfully recruited others.

The man is being represented by the federal public defender’s office.

When one is facing serious federal charges like the man in this case is, it is vital the accused works with a lawyer who has handled such matters in the past. This is because of the impact a conviction would surely have on his life. A conviction on the charges he faces could lead to 20 years behind bars.

Source: Houston Chronicle, “Houston-area man arrested in terrorism case,” Dane Schiller, March 28, 2014