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May 2014 Archives

University employee accused of embezzlement

A crime need not be violent in nature for it to result in serious consequence upon conviction. In the state of Texas, white collar crimes such as money laundering, computer crimes and various kinds of fraud are taken very seriously, Accordingly, it is important that individuals who are accused of crimes that fit under the white collar umbrella take steps to make sure they do everything they can to defend themselves against the accusations. 

Ingredient in brownies leads to serious drug charges against teen

It is a well known fact that teenagers often engage in behavior that is questionable. Most of the time, the actions they take do not result in serious consequences. Other times however, they can lead them into the criminal justice system. A Texas teen is facing this right now.

Teacher placed on leave from work after drug arrest

While there are certain stereotypes many who live in the Houston area may associate with individuals accused of drug crimes, the reality is people of all backgrounds are arrested for this on a regular basis. This is perhaps best illustrated in the recent arrest of 31-year-old Texas elementary school teacher. The woman was one of four who were taken into custody after a drug bust at her apartment.

Use of shooting simulator with grand juries prompts questions

In some situations, in the state of Texas, before someone can be charged with a crime, he or she must first be indicted by a grand jury. The outcome of these proceedings, in which a prosecutor may be the only attorney present, determines whether someone will be charged with a crime. In making that decision, testimony and evidence will be offered. Currently controversy is brewing regarding a tool used by prosecutors in some Harris County grand jury proceedings. 

Local professors accused of fraud

Following an arrest for a crime, the outcome is far from a foregone conclusion. Depending on a variety of things, including how an accused elects to defend him or herself against the allegations, the end result of the case will vary. Because of this, it is important that someone facing criminal charges of any kind takes steps to create a defense as soon as he or she becomes aware of what is going on. In the best case scenario, action should be taken before charges are even brought, during the investigation phase.

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