It is a well known fact that teenagers often engage in behavior that is questionable. Most of the time, the actions they take do not result in serious consequences. Other times however, they can lead them into the criminal justice system. A Texas teen is facing this right now.

The 19-year-old male is facing a first-degree felony charge because he sold hash brownies made with hash oil instead of marijuana. The reason behind the serious charge is that the use of the oil makes it possible for the state of Texas to determine the weight of the drugs by weighing all of the brownies which weighed approximately 1.5 pounds. Though unclear, the reason for that approach may be because the hash oil cannot be extracted from the batch of brownies, to determine its weight.

If convicted the teen could be sentenced to between five years and life in prison.

The young man’s lawyer disagrees with this approach. He believes that he should face a misdemeanor charge instead. Legal counsel for the Texas division of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws agrees. He cited that fact that the potential penalty is more serious than what those found guilty of sexual assault face.

It is important that anyone facing criminal charges defends themselves against the charges. This is particularly true in a situation such as this one where a young person faces such serious consequences that do not seem to fit the crime. How this case will end remains to be seen. It is likely however that working with the attorney he has secured will contribute to any reduction in charges or penalty he may receive.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Teen Faces Life In Prison Over Hash Brownies,” David Moye, May 20, 2014