Domestic violence is one of those crimes that carry with it a number of consequences. For those living in Texas who are in certain fields, such as medicine, law enforcement, counseling or teaching, any type of domestic violence incident can put the person at risk of disciplinary proceedings from their place of employment. This means that not only does the accused have to worry about the next steps in their criminal case, but there is also the fear of losing their job.

Recently, one sheriff’s deputy for Pointe Coupee was arrested on a count of second degree battery. And while this happened in nearby Louisiana, those living in Texas can certainly learn a bit about domestic violence accusations, in general, from his situation. 

In his case, according to a press release from the sheriff’s office, he was arrested on Tuesday after getting into some type of altercation with his wife. After his arrest, it was announced he was suspended from his job. He will remain suspended — without pay — until the sheriff’s office reviews the police department’s investigation against him. 

Recent news reports, which appeared in The Advocate and re-reported in the Houston Chronicle, do not get much into the specifics. However, given the fact that he has already been suspended from his job, one can already see just how serious domestic violence accusations need to be taken.

Of course though, in Texas, professional sanctions are just some of the possible consequences, as depending on the circumstances there could be protective orders put in place, additional criminal charges, and someone could lose their right to possess firearms. Due to these types of consequences, one should take domestic violence charges seriously and speak with an attorney to discuss the specifics of their case.

Source: The Advocate, “Pointe Coupee deputy accused of domestic violence, suspended,” June 3, 2014