Readers are likely well aware that serious penalties accompany a conviction for taking the life of another person. Depending on the circumstances someone may spend a long period of time behind bars. This loss of freedom can profoundly impact the life of a person even if, or when, they do get out, as convicted felons often have a hard time assimilating back into society. Individuals reading this post may be surprised to learn that similar consequences could occur as a result of an animal cruelty conviction.

A woman from Houston, Texas, is facing that reality now. The 23-year-old woman pled guilty to animal cruelty in the creation of “crush” videos in which small animals, including dogs and cats, were tortured to death. She accomplished this a variety of ways including through the use of bare feet, high heeled shoes, knives and other instruments.

The videos were filmed to fulfill sexual fetishes of viewers.

The woman was recently sentenced for her role in the death of the animals. For admitting to three counts of animal cruelty, she received 10 years in prison. These 10 years will span a period of her life that many deem as prime.

While it is unclear why she pled guilty to the charges it is likely that the decision was made after considering the penalties she might have faced had the case gone to trial. Whatever the reason behind her decision it is likely that it was made while working with a criminal defense lawyer who could advise the woman as to what she could potentially expect.

Source: KTRK-TV, “Houston Woman Sentenced For Animal Cruelty Over ‘Crush’ Videos,” May 29, 2014