On Dec. 9, a man in Texas was detained by police after he was involved in two collisions and a foot pursuit thereafter. The incident occurred at approximately 2:20 p.m. when a motorist struck another vehicle at the junction of U.S. 87 and F.M. 2105. The driver allegedly fled the scene but eventually collided with a fixture at 44th and Armstrong. The extent of the property damage sustained is still unknown.

Police officers from multiple agencies chased the vehicle to E. Red Creek Road where the driver reportedly abandoned his car and fled the scene on foot. Police were able to quickly apprehend the driver in a nearby cotton field. The driver was charged with evading arrest and driving while intoxicated. According to local reports, there were no injuries reported from either crash.

The Texas Department of Public Safety is heading the investigation into the hit-and-run. The San Angelo Police Department is investigating the crash at Armstrong and 44th. The driver was taken into custody by county sheriff deputies and booked into the county jail. It was not reported when his next court appearance would be.

A criminal defense lawyer may be able to investigate the DWI charge and construct a viable defense for the accused. A lawyer could focus on discrediting the prosecution’s case by challenging the integrity of the evidence or the tactics used by officers to obtain the evidence. If a lawyer can prove the officers violated legal limitations or the defendant’s rights, a judge may dismiss the case or prohibit certain evidence from being used during the trial.

Source: San Angelo Live, “Drunk Driver Arrested After Hit and Run and Three-Agency Vehicle Pursuit“, Chelsea Reinhard, December 09, 2014