A Trophy Club man was taken into custody on suspicion he committed an eighth DUI offense following his indictment on the charges on Jan. 8. The allegations stem from an accident that allegedly occurred in November 2014. He was named in the indictment in December 2014.

According to reports, the accident happened when the 68-year-old man allegedly struck a vehicle that was stopped for a red light. Police who responded reportedly tested the man and found that his blood alcohol concentration was .27 percent at the time of the accident. The legal limit for driving in Texas is .08 percent, so the man was apparently more than three times in excess of it.

The man is being held in the Tarrant County Jail with no bond set. In addition to the current charges, he is also facing a probation revocation proceeding as well. He was apparently on probation at the time of the accident. The man faces up to 20 years for the DWI charge and up to 10 years for the probation violation. He previously served a four-year prison sentence in 2006 after being convicted of his seventh DUI.

When a person has numerous prior drunk driving convictions, the potential penalties increase significantly. It is often a good idea for a person who is charged as a repeat offender to get the help of a criminal defense attorney in order to defend against the charges. It is less likely that the man in this case will be able to receive a very favorable plea, given the number of prior convictions and the fact that he was on probation at the time. An attorney, however, may be able to secure an agreement for a cap on the possible prison sentence along with a concurrent sentence on the probation violation through skilled negotiation.

Source: KWTX.com, “Texas man charged with DWI for 8th time,” Jan. 08, 2015