Two Texas men were arrested for allegedly stealing several TV sets from stores in the Mission area. The men, who are brothers, were awaiting arraignment at the time of the report, and a third man has been arrested for his involvement in the crimes as well.

The third man involved allegedly traded marijuana for some of the brothers’ stolen TVs. This arrest happened in San Juan. Police investigating the crime found three pounds of marijuana, a computer and three of the stolen TVs.

The brothers face theft charges that include both retail theft and attempted retail theft. The third man arrested faces marijuana possession and theft by appropriation charges.

Theft charges can have far-reaching consequences, especially when they involve items of high value. Some of these serious consequences might include hefty fines related to the theft, prison sentences and strict probation periods. One of the most troubling aspects of an arrest for theft for most people is the possibility of a permanent criminal record.

People accused of theft might be in a position where they do not feel comfortable defending themselves. As there is a lot at stake for anyone accused of theft, someone who is up against serious criminal charges might want to seek the advice of an attorney. An attorney’s advice may make it easier for a person coping with criminal charges to know what the best course of action is in their case. The attorney may be able to build a strong defense for their client as well as negotiate a plea deal that would allow the defendant to avoid the harshest penalties if convicted.

Source: KRGV, “Brothers Await Arraignment in TV Thefts,” Feb. 5, 2015