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March 2015 Archives

Public outcry over drug arrests in Texas

Three recent arrests have led to public outrage over the possibility the young people may face a minimum mandatory of 10 years in prison up to lifetime indeterminate sentencing. All three were stopped for unnamed traffic violations in the Panhandle, and all three were caught with marijuana edibles, including brownies and chocolate bars.

Texas synthetic drug case results in probation sentence

According to court documents, a woman who was charged as one of 14 people who allegedly sold synthetic drugs at businesses in Victoria pleaded guilty. The woman's plea was entered on March 17. The court sentenced her to 7 years probation on a deferred adjudication, which means that if she successfully completes its terms, there will be no conviction on her record. If she violates, however, she will face the maximum sentence for the charges.

Animal cruelty charged in dog park shooting

The man who shot a Staffordshire bull terrier in a Texas dog park in January will be charged with cruelty to a non-livestock animal. Claiming that he feared for himself, his wife and his dog when it got into a fight with the pit bull, the man shot the animal three times with a Glock 9mm pistol. The dog was later euthanized at a veterinary clinic. Investigators say witnesses have contested the man's claim that he was acting in self-defense.

Suspected drunken driver hits utility pole and cuts power

An allegedly intoxicated Texas driver ran a vehicle into a utility pole in Houston, knocking out the power to student housing for the University of Houston for some time. The accident took place at about 2 a.m. on March 6, and the power was restored to the apartments a few hours later. The driver of the vehicle now faces criminal charges stemming from the accident, according to reports.

7 high school students detained for drug charges

A seventh student was arrested Feb. 25 in connection with distributing a synthetic form of LSD at a Texas high school. Two students at Montgomery High were hospitalized, and a third one died after using the drug. All but two of the arrested students are juveniles. The other two are 17-year-old girls, and they are facing charges of tampering with evidence.

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