A seventh student was arrested Feb. 25 in connection with distributing a synthetic form of LSD at a Texas high school. Two students at Montgomery High were hospitalized, and a third one died after using the drug. All but two of the arrested students are juveniles. The other two are 17-year-old girls, and they are facing charges of tampering with evidence.

According to police, the drug is also called 25i or n-bome, and its use is on the rise at the high school in Montgomery. Students at the school say that the spread of the drug has been rapid. According to police, they are still expecting to detain at least one other student. The most recent student taken into custody was also charged with distributing prescription pills.

At the school, teachers have been passing out flyers and talking to students about the dangers of the drug. Some students at the school expressed surprise and shock at the incident.

Individuals who are facing charges for juvenile crime as in this case may want to work with an attorney. A teenager who is charged with a crime might face serious consequences even without being charged as an adult. A juvenile record may follow a teenager into adulthood.

An attorney may be able to discuss options with the juvenile and the juvenile’s parents. For example, the teenager might have the opportunity to do community service in lieu of incarceration. An attorney may also be able to work with juveniles to have their records sealed. This might help to mitigate some of the most severe consequences of juvenile offenses as the teenagers who commit them enter adulthood.

Source: ABC 13, “Another teen arrested in drug crackdown at Montgomery HS,” Angela Chen, Feb. 25, 2015