An allegedly intoxicated Texas driver ran a vehicle into a utility pole in Houston, knocking out the power to student housing for the University of Houston for some time. The accident took place at about 2 a.m. on March 6, and the power was restored to the apartments a few hours later. The driver of the vehicle now faces criminal charges stemming from the accident, according to reports.

The crash happened on Calhoun Road. No other vehicles appear to have been involved in the wreck. The driver was alleged to have been driving down the road when they left the path for unknown reasons, striking a utility pole in the process and shearing it into pieces. According to the bystanders, the driver then fled the vehicle on foot. He was caught by the University of Houston police after a brief chase, and he was charged with driving while intoxicated by the authorities.

The damage to the utility pole caused the power to go out at the Vue Apartments on MacGregor Way. The students affected by the power outage expressed concern because it limited their access to heating in cold weather. However, power had been restored to the apartments by the time that the available report was released even though there were repairs to the pole yet to be done.

Texas drivers who face drunk driving charges may benefit from an active defense. Legal counsel such as an attorney can be helpful as the defendant seeks to review the evidence against them, research possible challenges to the evidence, prepare their reply to the court and negotiate with the prosecution when appropriate.

Source:, “DWI suspect hits pole, knocks out power to UH apartments,” KHOU Staff, March 2, 2015