2 Arrested After Truck Theft Investigation

Law enforcement authorities in McAllen reportedly arrested two people after an investigation into a truck theft. The arrests occurred on Feb. 13 in the city.

According to reports, a Ford F250 was reported stolen by its owner. The truck was reportedly taken from the 600 Block of North Cynthia Street on Feb. 10. On Feb. 12, officers were able to seek and obtain an arrest warrant for a 31-year-old McAllen woman for her alleged role in the theft incident.

While officers were executing the woman’s warrant, they reportedly encountered a 31-year-old man. The man was arrested on allegations of public intoxication and possession of marijuana. There is no information indicating he was in any way involved in the alleged motor vehicle theft incident. The pair were taken into custody. They were both arraigned on Feb. 12 and are currently being held pending resolution of their cases. The woman’s bond is set at $120,000, while the man’s is set at $10,000. There is no word on what actions led to the man’s arrest or apparent search. Reports also do not indicate what led police to suspect the woman or if the truck was recovered.

When a person is accused of a theft crime, the potential penalties will vary depending on the amount stolen and the manner in which the theft occurred. Whether a person is facing a misdemeanor or felony theft charge, he or she may potentially face a sentence to incarceration if he or she is convicted. A theft conviction of any level may make it more difficult for the person to find a job. People who are accused of committing criminal offenses may want to seek the help of a criminal defense attorney. An attorney may be able to defend against the charges through trial or negotiate a favorable plea.

Source: KRGV, “Theft Investigation Leads to 2 Arrests,” Feb. 16, 2015