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June 2016 Archives

How the Supreme Court's ruling on BAC testing affects Texas

There is a lot of confusion over whether Texas drivers have the right to refuse testing that measures the amount of alcohol in their blood during DWI stops. When you are pulled over by police and they ask you to submit to testing, it sure doesn't feel like you have much of a choice.

Does the recent concealed carry ruling affect Texas law?

Many Texas residents feel passionately about the state's Concealed Carry laws, which became known as License to Carry this year when the laws changed to include Open Carry. Supporters of License to Carry believe that with so many acts of violence occurring throughout the country, it's more important than ever for citizens to carry a weapon in order to defend themselves and others.

The Dark Web Being Used For Drug Sales And Distribution

Law enforcement around the world has made a concerted effort to prevent the sale of drugs online. However, the dark web is being used more and more to make these transactions and to transport drugs across the globe. The dark web is made up of secondary overlay networks that cannot be accessed through the public internet without special software and skills.

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