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March 2017 Archives

3 reasons you should fight a Breathalyzer

You had a little to drink while you were out with your friends. You had a guy's night out, so it's expected that you'd all want to have a good time. You knew you didn't have enough to be over the legal limit, so you decided to drive home. You even waited an hour before leaving to give your body extra time to expel alcohol, so you'd be able to drive safely.

False allegations and men: How to fight back

You made a hard decision to get a divorce, and now you've found out that your wife is accusing you of domestic violence. You never hurt her, but her claims make you out to be controlling and manipulative. It's never a good feeling to find out that someone you love is willing to go so far to discredit you. Fortunately, you can fight back by defending yourself. By proving your innocence, it's the false accuser who loses credibility in court. Here are three ways to fight back against these horrible accusations.

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