Domestic violence causes problems with various facets of a person’s life. This can make it difficult for the person who is accused of the act to live in a normal manner. It is possible that domestic violence accusations will impact a child custody case and other family law cases.

For people who are facing domestic violence accusations, you have to think carefully about all the ways that the issue might impact your life. Here are some points to consider regarding cases where domestic violence accusations and family law matters intersect.

Concerning adoptions

A conviction of a domestic violence charge is almost certainly going to disqualify you from being able to adopt a child. This means that if you and your significant other decide that you want to add to your family, you won’t have this option.

In an adoption, the needs of the child are put first. Some of these children were taken from abusive homes, which could lead to them having panic attacks or other issues if they are placed in a home where fighting and violence are commonplace. Plus, no child deserves to have to endure or witness domestic violence, so the courts will likely err on the side of caution.

Concerning child custody

If you already have children, the domestic violence accusations can prevent you from being able to parent your child in the manner that many other divorced parents are able to. The court can use accusations of domestic violence as a factor in child custody cases.

Temporary orders that require you to only have supervised visitation with your children might be issued until the domestic violence charges are resolved. If you are convicted, there is a chance that supervised visitation is all you will be able to have with your children.

There are some cases in which the court will consider who was the victim of domestic violence. If the answer wasn’t the children, and possibly if the children weren’t witnesses to the incidents, the court might award you visitation with your child without having to be supervised by anyone. The age of the child might also matter since older children might be more willing to speak up about violence that occurs in their presence.

As difficult as all of this to think about it, you should use this information to start working on your defense against the charges. You can’t make the accusations go away, but you can take steps to try to avoid being convicted.