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Yes, you should fight your child’s drug possession charges

When you first learn that your child received drug possession charges, you may find it difficult to separate your feelings about the matter from the need to respond carefully. As a parent, it is normal to feel conflicted about how to respond, especially if you strongly oppose drug use.

It is important to understand that drug charges are a very serious criminal charge that may affect your child's life for many years to come, even well after he or she pays a lawful penalty for the alleged behavior. For that matter, many legal minds agree that drug laws are unfairly harsh. Drug possession laws allow the strictest penalties given for any nonviolent crime, even for many first-time offenses.

While you certainly bear the responsibility of responding wisely to your child's plight, many loving parents find that helping a child fight drug charges is the best way to protect the child's future and give him or her the opportunity to learn from one's mistakes.

Do not hesitate to reach out to an experienced criminal defense attorney who understands the importance of defending the rights of young people. With proper legal counsel from an empathetic, professional attorney, you can examine all of your child's available defenses and determine a wise path forward.

What are the consequences?

Drug crimes often lead to heavy fines and jail time. If your child is in college, he or she may face expulsion from the school, or may lose a scholarship. Even if these things do not occur, heavy fines and jail time may immediately make it impossible to attend school.

However, you may think that it is fine if the prosecution simply agrees to bypass most of the consequences in return for community service, or some similar bargain. While this is better than the previous alternative, your child still faces increased difficulty finding work or landowners who will rent a place to live.

How can I help my child fight the charges?

If your child needs help fighting drug charges, you may have a number of strategies available. If, for instance, the officer who arrested your child violated your child's rights while doing so, a judge may throw out the case.

Similarly, the prosecution may simply have weaker evidence than you think it does. There are numerous ways to test the strength of the evidence or question its validity.

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