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Animal Cruelty Archives

Animal cruelty charged in dog park shooting

The man who shot a Staffordshire bull terrier in a Texas dog park in January will be charged with cruelty to a non-livestock animal. Claiming that he feared for himself, his wife and his dog when it got into a fight with the pit bull, the man shot the animal three times with a Glock 9mm pistol. The dog was later euthanized at a veterinary clinic. Investigators say witnesses have contested the man's claim that he was acting in self-defense.

Animal cruelty in Texas

Texas animal cruelty laws are much narrower than the laws of many other states, as wild animals, animals used in experiments and circus animals are not protected. Animal cruelty offenses are either subject to criminal prosecution or a civil case. The criminal laws are reserved for animals that are domesticated or that are domesticated livestock.

Woman who pled guilty to animal cruelty sentenced to 10 years

Readers are likely well aware that serious penalties accompany a conviction for taking the life of another person. Depending on the circumstances someone may spend a long period of time behind bars. This loss of freedom can profoundly impact the life of a person even if, or when, they do get out, as convicted felons often have a hard time assimilating back into society. Individuals reading this post may be surprised to learn that similar consequences could occur as a result of an animal cruelty conviction.

Teens face animal cruelty charges after recording incident

There is no question that many Houston, Texas, teens, physically look like adults. Outward appearances can be deceiving however and because their brains are still developing, they often make decisions many would categorize as unwise. While these decisions could result in consequences such as grounding by their parents, in other situations, depending on what the unwise decision is, it is possible that criminal charges could be filed.

Texas woman faces animal cruelty charges in death of dog

There are many crimes that a resident of Texas could find themselves facing. Sometimes the crime, as well as the potential consequence accompanying it, is well known. Because these laws encompass a wide range of activities however, it is highly likely that the average resident of a community will not be aware of some of them. If one does not realize that there is a law against something on the books, it is impossible for them to know what they may have done wrong.

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