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Criminal defense strategies must focus on a specific goal

A criminal case can have a significant impact on a defendant's life. These cases are sometimes resolved prior to a trial through a plea deal; however, this isn't always true. Some defendants have to stand trial in front of a jury of their peers, which can be challenging to say the least.

Getting out of jail when you are facing criminal charges

When a person is arrested on a criminal charge, getting out of jail is the main priority. Most people don't want to remain behind bars from the arrest through the final outcome of the case. The purpose of bail in the criminal justice system is to allow defendants to be released from custody while their cases move through the courts.

A drug conviction can dramatically change your professional life

Some people, especially young adults, might not think that there are lasting repercussions from a drug conviction. The truth is that there are many ways that a drug conviction can impact your life. The ramifications vary greatly, but they usually won't end when the court-imposed sentence is over.

Cries for help are often muted in juvenile justice

Some people hear the term "juvenile justice" and think that it relates to having to deal with young, misguided people who don't have a chance. They might think that all of these juveniles are "lost causes," but this is a tragic misconception. Many juveniles who are involved in the juvenile justice system don't have to be a "lost cause," but they do need to be given tools to make the changes necessary to move into adulthood as productive citizens.

No juvenile criminal justice matter is considered a small deal

Juvenile criminal matters are often thought of as minor offenses, but this can't be the thought that parents have when their child is facing these issues. Parents need to realize that when a child is involved in the justice system, he or she needs help getting back on the right path. This is the goal of the juvenile justice system.

Expunctions and non-disclosure orders in Texas

A criminal conviction in Texas can have far-reaching consequences. Not only may you have to do jail time, pay huge fines and legal fees, but it could cause problems in other aspects of your life. For example, you could lose your job, have problems finding other employment or even run into issues trying to rent an apartment. Unfortunately, a conviction is not the only thing that will appear of your records. An arrest without a subsequent conviction might also cause you some issues in the future.

Those marijuana dabs could result in a Texas felony charge

More people than ever before are consuming marijuana in the forms of dabs. Dabs are marijuana concentrates, often inhaled after vaporizing it on hot metal or glass. Also called butane hash oil (BHO), wax, glass or shatter, these highly potent marijuana extracts are incredibly popular these days.

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