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blog Archives

Yes, you should fight your child’s drug possession charges

When you first learn that your child received drug possession charges, you may find it difficult to separate your feelings about the matter from the need to respond carefully. As a parent, it is normal to feel conflicted about how to respond, especially if you strongly oppose drug use.

Drunk driving isn't tolerated in Texas

Many people think that they can go out and enjoy a night of drinking with their friends and then drive home safely. While this is certainly possible (though never a good idea), there is a chance that a law enforcement officer will throw a wrench in that plan.

What to expect during the expungement process

A criminal conviction can have lasting consequences beyond the fines you paid and any jail time you served. You might experience trouble finding a good job or even renting a nice apartment. Anytime someone runs a background check on you, an arrest or conviction could come back to haunt you after you have paid your debt to society. Fortunately, you might have an option available to keep that one mistake from stalking you for the rest of your life.

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