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Violent Crimes Archives

What are possible defenses to domestic violence charges?

If you have been charged with a domestic violence crime, you may be nervous about the possible consequences or penalties if you are convicted. It's important to know that these cases are often overcharged. This means allegations can be heavy, and so can the consequences if you are convicted of the crime. A criminal defense attorney with a background in family law can help guide you to your options, and help show your side of the story to possibly reduce or avoid harsh consequences.

The many effects of domestic abuse allegations in Texas

Most people have had an argument with a spouse or significant other that turned heated. If someone calls the police, at least one party can expect to be arrested and face domestic violence charges. That's because police would rather make an arrest than risk leaving someone in danger at the scene.

Being assaulted by a golf ball is not violent crime if it is on a golf course.

The question has been asked if you are hit by a golf ball on a golf course is an Assault.  The short answer is no. The person hitting the golf ball must have acted recklessly or intentionally when they hit the ball.  Just because some hit a bad shot that hit you, that does not constitute an assault.  The courts have held that there is an inadverent risk of harm anytime you play golf or even sitting in the stands of a baseball game. 

Woman accused of running over security guard after shoplifting

On Sept. 27, it was reported that a 20-year-old Texas woman was taken into custody after she was accused of shoplifting and injuring one person. A second woman was also thought to have been involved; however, the authorities were still looking for the second individual.

90s Texas R&B vocalist suspected in wife's murder

A former member of the Waco-based R&B group Hi-Five has been detained in the aftermath of his wife's murder. According to Houston police, the 40-year-old man came to the Harris County Sheriff's Office on July 2 to report his wife's death and turn himself in. The jail log states that he was booked into jail two days later.

Texas man taken into custody on suspicion of robbery

On June 27, a U.S. attorney announced that a 23-year-old man from Houston was taken into custody in connection with a bank robbery that took place in Beaumont in eastern Texas. The bank robbery reportedly took place on June 3 at a bank located on Gladys Avenue, where the accused allegedly gave a demand note to the bank teller and displayed a gun by lifting his shirt. He then reportedly left the bank with $2,309.

Domestic violence accusations can lead to job suspensions

Domestic violence is one of those crimes that carry with it a number of consequences. For those living in Texas who are in certain fields, such as medicine, law enforcement, counseling or teaching, any type of domestic violence incident can put the person at risk of disciplinary proceedings from their place of employment. This means that not only does the accused have to worry about the next steps in their criminal case, but there is also the fear of losing their job.

Murder charges brought against 2 in death of security guard

No one wants to be charged with a crime. The ramifications for being found guilty can be serious depending on the charges one faces. This is particularly true when someone is accused of doing something that leads to the death of another person. The penalties tied to a conviction for such a charge include lengthy prison stays. In Texas, the death penalty may also be sought.

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