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Posts tagged "Violent Crimes"

The many effects of domestic abuse allegations in Texas

Most people have had an argument with a spouse or significant other that turned heated. If someone calls the police, at least one party can expect to be arrested and face domestic violence charges. That's because police would rather make an arrest than risk leaving someone in danger at the scene.

Accusations of domestic violence could lead to loss of pets

While all individuals charged with a crime in Houston, Texas are innocent until proven guilty, depending on the crime one faces, it is possible that the accused could face ramifications before a trial date is even set. One situation in which this could occur is when someone is charged with domestic violence.

Texas man faces murder charge after shooting deputy

Protecting your home is something that most homeowners are passionate about. When you think someone is breaking into your home, you will likely try to protect yourself, your family and your assets. For one Texas man, the desire to protect himself, his pregnant girlfriend and his home has led to a capital murder charge.

Texas assistant police chief arrested for assault

Few people in the Houston area desire to be charged with a crime. This is likely particularly true when one is employed as a law enforcement officer. Despite this, last month a law enforcement officer in another Texas community found himself under arrest for a crime. The Assistant Chief was charged with assaulting a family member.

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