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Posts tagged "Theft charges"

How statutes of limitations work in Texas

Statute of limitations laws set a limit for prosecuting certain crimes. The criminal charges must be filed within the time period specified or they cannot be filed at all. The reason these laws are in place is so that evidence that has deteriorated over time is not used to make convictions.

Texas woman accused of theft of ammunition

On May 15, it was reported that a Texas woman who was accused of attempting to pawn boxes of ammunition was taken into police custody. A detective, who claimed that the woman attempted to make the transaction while they were both in the pawn shop, stated that the 50-year-old woman reportedly had 50 boxes of ammunition that had been stolen in her possession.

Homebuilder facing theft charges

A homebuilder in Texas was indicted on theft charges after several customers complained that he never finished the construction jobs that they had paid him to complete. The accused man and his attorney reportedly attended a court appearance on April 21 and handed the prosecutor evidence that the alleged theft victims had already been financially compensated for their losses.

TV thieves await arraignment

Two Texas men were arrested for allegedly stealing several TV sets from stores in the Mission area. The men, who are brothers, were awaiting arraignment at the time of the report, and a third man has been arrested for his involvement in the crimes as well.

Man taken into custody on theft charges

A Texas man was taken into custody for a second time by U.S. Marshals in connection with the alleged theft of several valuable items including a boat valued at about $200,000. According to officials, the defendant allegedly broke into a storage facility belonging to a family member and stole a bulldozer and more than one vehicle in addition to the boat. The storage facility is located in Denison on North Highway 91 in the 4400 block.

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