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Posts tagged "conviction"

Search Warrants for your home.

So the police show up at your door and want to search your home.  First never consent to anything the police want you to do.  Tell them to come back when they have a Search Warrant.  Should they have that Search Warrant, you have to allow them access to your entire home.  Including bed rooms, safes and drawers.  That piece of paper allows them to rummage through your entire home.  This even allows them to break into desk, safes and locked rooms.

Man arrested for alleged 8th DUI offense

A Trophy Club man was taken into custody on suspicion he committed an eighth DUI offense following his indictment on the charges on Jan. 8. The allegations stem from an accident that allegedly occurred in November 2014. He was named in the indictment in December 2014.

Man charged with DWI following accident that left 1 dead

A man who was accused of causing two wrecks in Texas while under the influence of alcohol was taken into police custody on Dec. 11. The first accident occurred at approximately 11 p.m. while the second accident, which left a 40-year-old driver dead, occurred a short time later.

Texas man's DUI conviction overturned

In late August, a 44-year-old Texan successfully appealed a conviction for which he was serving a life sentence. According to reports, the 2013 conviction arose as a result of a 2012 incident in which the man refused a Breathalyzer test after being detained by police on suspicion of drunk driving. The police subsequently obtained a blood sample without a warrant and used this as evidence against the motorist.

Texas man facing DWI charges

A 27-year-old man was detained on charges of DWI for allegedly driving erratically on a Texas highway on Aug. 23. Reports indicate that the man was released after posting $3,000 bail. The incident occurred on Texas 21 at around 4 p.m. A police dispatcher claims that calls started coming in concerning a man who was urinating and staggering on the roadside. Callers later claimed that the man was back in his truck and driving erratically, swerving down the highway.

5-year sentence for felony DWI

A 49-year-old Texas man is facing five years after being sentenced in connection with a traffic stop last October. The man was stopped in League City by officers at an intersection on the evening of October 23, 2013 due to several issues. He allegedly failed to signal correctly, made an unsafe change of lanes and was speeding. He was also reportedly following another vehicle too closely. The man's breath reportedly smelled of alcohol at the time, resulting in field sobriety testing. Testing results and indications of the man's recent drinking resulted in his detention on drunk driving allegations.

Intoxication manslaughter charge for driver in fatal crash

Earlier this week a young woman's evening escalated into something she likely did not intend. The 21-year-old was behind the wheel of a vehicle that hit another car, killing one of its occupants. The car her vehicle ran into was a police car and the woman who died was in police custody for suspected public intoxication.

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