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Posts tagged "drug conviction"

Report: Drug field tests are unreliable

When Texas police are about to make a drug arrest, they "confirm" that the substance they have found is actually an illegal drug with inexpensive test kits. However, a commission that was created to review wrongful convictions in the state determined that these drug field test kits are unreliable and should not be used alone to make drug convictions.

Teach your college-age children about the Higher Education Act.

If you have been following our blog, you may have read our post on starting a conversation with your adult children regarding the long-term consequences of their actions in college. While they may be of legal age to be living on their own, some college-age students engage in activities that reveal their decision-making abilities aren't where they should be. In the past, such youthful indiscretions may have been condoned or had a limited impact on the young adult's life. With the ubiquitous nature of criminal records today, however, infractions and misdemeanors can haunt an individual throughout his life.

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