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Posts tagged "intoxicated"

4 things to know if you have to use an ignition interlock device

On your way home from Friday Happy Hour with your coworkers last week, the police stopped you. You failed the breathalyzer test and now you are facing a possible DWI conviction. In addition to expensive court fees and fines, participating in a substance abuse program, and a rather long probation period, they may require you to have an ignition interlock device (IID) installed in your car.

Being assaulted by a golf ball is not violent crime if it is on a golf course.

The question has been asked if you are hit by a golf ball on a golf course is an Assault.  The short answer is no. The person hitting the golf ball must have acted recklessly or intentionally when they hit the ball.  Just because some hit a bad shot that hit you, that does not constitute an assault.  The courts have held that there is an inadverent risk of harm anytime you play golf or even sitting in the stands of a baseball game. 

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