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Posts tagged "money laundering"

What are the penalties for money laundering?

In Texas, a person can be accused of money laundering if they knowingly used or acquired proceeds through criminal activity like drug trafficking or mortgage fraud. For example, a person can be charged with this offense if he or she uses the proceeds of drug sales, for instance, to further expand the illegal activity. An individual who conceals funds acquired through criminal activity could also be charged with money laundering.

University employee accused of embezzlement

A crime need not be violent in nature for it to result in serious consequence upon conviction. In the state of Texas, white collar crimes such as money laundering, computer crimes and various kinds of fraud are taken very seriously, Accordingly, it is important that individuals who are accused of crimes that fit under the white collar umbrella take steps to make sure they do everything they can to defend themselves against the accusations. 

Former Longhorns football player pleads guilty to fraud

Facing any type of criminal charges can prove to be devastating. For some people, those charges carry undesirable consequences that might necessitate a plea bargain or a no contest or guilty plea. Texas residents might be interested in learning that a former Longhorns football player has recently pleaded guilty to fraud charges.

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