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Was Your Minor Caught In Possession Of Alcohol Or Drugs?

In Texas, it is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to possess or consume alcohol. If a minor is caught with alcohol, he or she could face stiff penalties, including fines up to $500, driver’s license suspension and community service, as well as rehabilitation. Jail time can be added on if the minor is convicted multiple times.

Protecting Your Future And Your Rights Following Minor In Possession Charges

The impact of a minor in possession charge is bigger than just the cost of the fine or hours spent in community service. The conviction will stay on the minor’s record far into the future, creating problems if he or she is trying to win scholarships, get into college or get a job.

It is important that a minor in possession charge is taken seriously and dealt with aggressively. To speak with an attorney who focuses on underage drinking and minor in possession cases, call 281-725-6025 or 800-417-8130.

At The Law Office of Larry McDougal, we are committed to fighting for the rights of minors charged with possessing alcohol or marijuana. While some consider underage drinking a youthful indiscretion, we understand the impact it can have on the minor’s future. Our minor in possession lawyers put together legal strategies that protect the rights of the charged individual and achieve the best possible solution.

Defense Against Possession Of Marijuana Charges

We also represent minors who have been caught with marijuana and other drugs. These are complicated cases and penalties can be accelerated by the amount of marijuana found. Law enforcement may also try to charge you with intent to sell or other related charges that can add years onto a sentence. It is critical that you have an attorney who understands the legal nuances of these matters and has the experience to protect you.

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