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Sugar Land Criminal Defense Law Blog

Differences exist between grand juries and trial juries

The investigation into criminal matters takes time in some cases. For certain charges, the prosecutors spearheading the case will turn to the grand jury to determine if the evidence in a case is sufficient for charges to be levied.

The grand jury is a much different jury than a trial jury, so anyone who is involved in the criminal justice system must be familiar with the differences. This can help you to better understand what is going on.

What should I know about Texas juvenile justice?

The juvenile justice system in Texas tries to help juveniles who have started to follow the wrong path. A parent who has a child in this system usually has a lot of questions and concerns because the juvenile justice system is a lot different from the adult criminal justice system.

If you found out that your child is involved in this system, here are some points that you need to know.

8 things you must know about drunk driving charges

Drunk driving charges are sometimes thought of as nothing more than inconveniences. This isn't at all the case. These charges are very serious, so you must ensure that you are ready to fight back against them.

There are several things that you should know if you are facing drunk driving charges. Consider these eight points:

The differences between felonies and misdemeanors

One of the most important questions that you can ask when you find out you are facing criminal charges is what type of charge you are facing. The classification has a big impact on the possible penalties you are facing. It also affects how a conviction could impact you for the remainder of your life.

Criminal charges in Texas are divided into broad categories -- misdemeanors and felonies. Misdemeanors are the least serious and felonies are the most serious. Here are some ways that these two categories differ.

Domestic violence: 6 collateral consequences to consider

Domestic violence charges are difficult for a man to face. In the end, the disposition of the case is what matters. If you are convicted of the charge, there are several ways that your life might change.

Domestic violence convictions come with a host of penalties, which depend on your actual sentence. Another thing that will occur is collateral consequences. These are the consequences that you have to deal with that aren't imposed by the sentencing judge.

4 things men must know about domestic violence charges

Domestic violence charges can rock you life in a way that you never would have expected. If you are facing these serious charges, you should think carefully about how the charges can impact your life now and later. It is imperative that you don't sit around and hope the charges resolve themselves because that isn't likely to happen.

#1: Circumstances can vary

5 things to know if you are facing shoplifting charges

You went into your favorite store and saw some makeup or a cute outfit that you just couldn't leave without. The problem now is deciding how you are going to get the items. You don't have enough cash to pay for it and you don't think that anyone will loan you the money to make the purchase. You decide that you are going to just take the items -- after all, that little bit won't hurt the business.

This decision just landed you in some serious trouble because you got caught. Now, you are facing charges for shoplifting. Here are five things you need to know:

3 reasons you should fight a Breathalyzer

You had a little to drink while you were out with your friends. You had a guy's night out, so it's expected that you'd all want to have a good time. You knew you didn't have enough to be over the legal limit, so you decided to drive home. You even waited an hour before leaving to give your body extra time to expel alcohol, so you'd be able to drive safely.

Despite all this, you were stopped by police because of passing through a stop sign accidentally. Now, the officer wants you to take a breathalyzer test. You agree, because you know you aren't over the limit. Unfortunately, the test comes back positive.

False allegations and men: How to fight back

You made a hard decision to get a divorce, and now you've found out that your wife is accusing you of domestic violence. You never hurt her, but her claims make you out to be controlling and manipulative. It's never a good feeling to find out that someone you love is willing to go so far to discredit you. Fortunately, you can fight back by defending yourself. By proving your innocence, it's the false accuser who loses credibility in court. Here are three ways to fight back against these horrible accusations.

How to help your college age child after a DUI arrest

When you send your children off to college, you constantly worry that they will make a mistake that can drastically alter their life. While you hope for the best, you never know what the future could bring.

There are many crimes with more serious consequences than driving under the influence of alcohol. Even so, this is a crime that continually gets college students in hot water with the law.

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