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With more than two decades of criminal defense experience, Larry McDougal is well-known throughout Texas for his results-driven approach in representing his clients charge with cocaine possession. Drug-related arrests may not be a surprise to clients we represent. The surprise comes when they discover the consequences they face.

Richmond cocaine charges defense lawyer Larry McDougal's reputation for trial litigation puts him in a better position to negotiate reductions in sentences. Among his peers, he enjoys a reputation for ethics and success as the 2009 recipient of the President's Award from the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.

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Texas laws on drug possession carry severe penalties, particularly when a criminal charge involves cocaine. An amount less than one gram will lead to state felony charges. Punishments range from six months to two years and fines up to 10,000. Consequences become more severe if the drug was discovered near a school, playground, public park or any other drug-free zone.

Drug crime convictions for possession, sales and trafficking can also lead to driver's license suspension, a ban on owning a firearm or disqualification in applying for a student loan. Once a sentence has been served, a permanent felony criminal record will follow you as you apply for jobs or seek out a place to live.

Fighting For Your Rights And Reductions In Sentences

Larry McDougal understands the stakes involved in legal matters involving cocaine possession. A conviction can have a life-changing impact. With dedication, diligence and attention to detail, he conducts exhaustive investigations.

Many times, he discovers evidence obtained through illegal search and seizure. Whether he seeks suppression of evidence or a reduction in charges to avoid incarceration, he employs all resources at his disposal to pursue the best outcome.

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